secure note sharing for the 2077 normalization

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the name MokinToken

2 things that were on my desk when I came up with the repo name a mokin usb c hub and a security token


I wanted a selfhosted secure note sharing site for myself to send text between my computers. I have found this to a recurring issue when I have had to login a site on a someone elses computer but my password is stored in a password manager on my phone and is extremely long and complex

Existing sites either wanted too much infrastructure or did not provide a docker container. Some additional people created docker containers for the projects, but they were not being updated with the latest application code.

also i wanted something to do that was quick and easy



  • 3rd party audit -> NOPE
  • trustworthy -> NOPE
  • proffessional -> NOPE
  • PHP...


self host your own e2e encrypted chat application for just yourself and your devices

other self hosted note apps